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About Us

Dr. Peñalver began welcoming patients to his practice in 1980 by converting a small home into a pediatric clinic. In 2002, after much reflection, Dr. Peñalver expanded the office to meet the growing needs of our patients and their families. Although the external structure may have changed, the core values upon which his practice was founded remain the same.

Dr. Peñalver’s expanded office reopened as The Ida Karlin Healing Center for Youth in celebration of Ida Karlin, an office nurse who shared her spirit of healing with all until she died of cancer in 1994. Ida’s compassionate, thoughtful care and a genuine enthusiasm for caring for children are manifest in all that we do in this pediatric clinic.


Dr. Peñalver and his staff strive to positively impact the lives of children and their families by providing unsurpassed healthcare, education, and compassionate service to our patients and community. Our clinic regards preventative care and safety issues as the foundation of every child's developmental, social and mental well-being and growth.

Ida Karlin


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